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Did You Know We Have a Comprehensive Scissors Program for the Poultry Industry?

Did You Know We Have a Comprehensive Scissors Program for the Poultry Industry?

With worker safety in mind, Wolff Industries, Inc. developed the Comprehensive Scissors Program for Poultry Processors. The goal of our program is to help reduce MSD’s and repetitive motion injuries associated with using hand tools. We have four main steps in the program that we will detail below. All of this is maintained by the continuing support from Wolff Industries, Inc. that you have come to know and love.  

Step 1 - Proper Scissors Selection

-Select scissors with ergonomic handles that are contoured and soft to avoid stress on the fingers. -Select multiple sizes to fit the employee’s hands as well as right and left hand models. -Select scissors with blades that will hold an edge longer because of higher quality steel and heat treating. -Select scissors with the handles chemically bonded to the blades to prevent possible pathogens. -Select the scissors type to fit the application so that the hand remains in the neutral position during cutting.  

Step 2 – Scissors Sharpening

-Sharpen the scissors to original factory edge sharpness. -Sharpen the scissors at 35°. -Once daily sharpening is recommended for Wolff® Ergonomix® poultry shears, twice a day sharpening is recommended for all other brands. -Proper scissors sharpening and maintenance training is available upon request.  

Step 3 – Online Scissors Maintenance

-Properly realign the cutting edge on your production line by using the SMS 2204-SS. Scissors must be at 35° on both blades for this sharpener to work. -Quick and simple training for proper use. -Knife steels are not recommended for use on scissors.  

Step 3 – Verification of Scissors Sharpening

-Ensures proper sharpness and proper sharpening techniques. -Determines proper frequency of sharpening based on the cuts you are making. -Determines the life of the scissors you are using. -History is maintained to show proof of best practices for inspections and audits.  

So why partner with Wolff Industries, Inc. and implement this program?

Implementation of the 4 step comprehensive scissors program has resulted in improvements in safety, ergonomics, longevity, productivity, and cost savings!!! -Using Wolff® Ergonomix® processing shears assures continued on site service. -Our staff will schedule regular visits to help maintain the sharpening program in your facility. We update training for existing and new sharpening technicians. -Our staff can help solve sharpening problems on the line or in the sharpening rooms by utilizing the Wolff® Scissors Tester. -Our staff can recommend job-specific shears for specific applications on the production lines. -Our staff is able to work with managers, supervisors, lead technicians, and line personnel. -Our staff will provide your designated people with site reports which include observations, recommendations, and solutions found during the site visits. -Our staff is available to schedule support visits with any and all shifts at any designated time determined by plant management. -Our staff is courteous, helpful, and professional. -Our staff has a genuine interest in helping your plant have a successful sharpening program. If you are interesting in more information regarding this program or for more details on our services to the poultry industry, give us a call at 800-888-3832 or shoot us an email at
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