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Ookami Gold® Beauty Shears Kit



The Ookami Gold® Beauty Shears Kit is the perfect gift set for the professional hair stylist, beautician, barber, homemaker, or sales kit for the professional scissors sharpener and includes both a case and beauty scissors.

This kit features a case with a black faux alligator skin exterior and faux leather interior with light brown stitching. Elastic bands on the interior hold up to 20 scissors or shears. The interior features a faux leather insert to protect the scissors from damage. The exterior features a faux leather flap with snapping metal clasp to keep the case closed.

This kit also features a variety of beauty scissors including tension knob hardware, swivel thumb, offset handles, opposing handles, crane handles, butterfly handle, and a chunker. Lengths included range from 5.0 inches to 5.5 inches. Particularly, the beauty scissors included in this kit have the following part numbers: 100, 204, 205, 206, 206-55, 208, 209, and 210.


The slim case is streamlined and light weight
The case opens easily
The scissors included feature a variety of handle styles and pivot hardware
The Ookami Gold® beauty scissors feature convex edges, silver and gold coloration, are lightweight, and extremely sharp!

Did you notice?

Most of the scissors have removable tangs
The scissors have interchangeable bumpers
The scissors may be sharpened many times

Recommended For

Professional Hair Stylist, Beautician, Barber, Homemaker, and Professional Scissors Sharpener
Sharpen with the Hira-to®, Ookami Gold®, or Twice As Sharp®
Retail or Home Use

What's in the Box?

Carrying Case
100 - Ookami Gold® Professional 5.5" Straight Handle Beauty Scissors
204 - Ookami Gold® Professional 5" Easy Grip Handle Beauty Scissors
205 - Ookami Gold® Professional 5" Inline Handle Beauty Scissors
206 - Ookami Gold® Professional 5" Offset Butterfly Handle Beauty Scissors
206-55 - Ookami Gold® Professional 5.5" Offset Butterfly Handle Beauty Scissors
208 - Ookami Gold® Professional 5.5" Offset 13 Tooth Chunking Beauty Scissors
209 - Ookami Gold® Professional 5" Inline Easy Grip Handle Beauty Scissors with Tension Knob
210 - Ookami Gold® Professional 6" Offset Handle 27 Tooth Thinning Beauty Scissors

Technical Specifications

Item Weight - 2.05 lb
Shipping Weight - 3.40 lb
Item Size - 15" x 10.5" x 1.5"
Shipping - Boxed


Case Manufactured in China
Scissors Manufactured and Assembled with Pride in Taiwan


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