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Wolff Industries, Inc.  provides "hands on" scissors sharpening training. The Training Center is staffed and equipped to provide training to those wishing to acquire professional scissors sharpening and reconditioning skills. We limit class attendance to insure an enjoyable and beneficial course of personalized, individual instruction. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to sharpen for profit, to hone your sharpening skills and to have your sharpening questions answered. Lunch is included!!

Instruction is available for the following:

• Understanding and maintaining a scissors set 
• Using the set block or hammer set method for adjusting set  
• How to sharpen and repair thinners 
• Advanced inside line work 
• How to extend the life of a shear 
• Corrugating with a diamond file   
• Corrugating with the Corru-Gator machine 
• Scissors repair and reconditioning

Maintaining Proper Set

Learn to spot when a pair of scissors has bad set and how to fix it! To learn a little more about the term set and other scissors terms, we have compiled a great list here.

Advanced Sharpening Techniques

Learn advanced techniques like how to get those last two teeth on a pair of thinners to cut, or how to freehand cut corrugations into the blade with a diamond file.  

One-on-One Hands on Training

We book classes with a single student. That way you receive one-on-one attention and do not have to share your time with other students.

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*Please note, price is per day and training on one machine takes one full day. If you want to learn multiple machines, please change the quantity to show how many
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