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Anago knife sharpness testers

The Anago Knife Sharpness Testers provide an easy to use, accurate, objective and reliable way of monitoring your sharpening program enabling you to consistently achieve maximum productivity, improve yield and health and safety outcomes.

Health, Safety, & Operational Benefits

Reduce MSD Injuries

Companies using the knife sharpness tester at their processing plants have reduced their incidence of musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) overuse injuries by up to 80% due to the reduced cutting forces required when operating with suitably sharp knives.

Reduce discomfort

As well as reducing injuries, the impact of reduced loading on workers bodies also has a positive impact on their comfort and energy levels.

Reduce Slips and Cuts

Reduced cutting forces also increases precision and decreases the likelihood of the knife slipping and causing a laceration.

Increase Yield

Improvements in yield over 1% are common.

Increase Output

A sharp knife does the work faster. A 50% increase in cutting speed is common.

Increase Accuracy

Lower cutting forces allow greater knife control, which means more meat off the bone and a cleaner job with more meat remaining on higher value cuts and less ending up in the scrap and rework pile.

Anago Knife Sharpness Testers

KST300e Auto

Validate your team and suppliers performance with the industry-standard Anago Score provided by the KST300.

Anago Analyzer a230

The new Analyzer offers operational efficiencies whilst still providing the industry-standard Anago Score that global Anago users know and trust. 

Purchase Genuine Anago Test Media

Caja de medios de prueba originales de Anago
Caja de medios de prueba originales de Anago

Caja de medios de prueba originales de Anago



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