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Vogel Brothers Original

The original building on the Elbe River near Kreischa, Germany pictured in 1910

Vogel Brothers Family

Kurt A. Vogel Sr. emigrated to California in 1889

Modern Vogel Brothers

Vogel Brothers Corporation was headed up by Don and David Vogel until 2012

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The History

of the Vogel Brother legacy

The Vogel Family started in the cutlery business over 300 years ago when Adolf Vogel was granted water power rights on the Elbe River near Kreischa, Germany. With this grant, a two-story stone building was erected and used to house the Vogel Family, manufacture weapons and cutting implements.

Leaving the family home in 1889, Kurt A. Vogel Sr. emigrated to California and established a cutlery sharpening and repair service. Following the loss of his shop in the Great Earthquake he moved to Chicago Illinois, where he reopened the business in 1907.

Passing through consecutive generations, Vogel Brothers Corporation, holder of 3 active cutlery patents, was headed by Don and David Vogel, the owners of Anvil Industries USA.

Late 2012, the Vogel Brothers decided to sell their company to Wolff Industries, Inc. Don Vogel, the older brother, continues to run Anvil USA - a supplier of beauty and grooming shears. David Vogel, the younger brother, decided to stay with the new company, Wolff Indiana, LLC., as the Vice President of R & D.

Wolff Indiana, LLC. continues its heritage of producing stamped Ergonomix® industrial scissors and shears with soft thermal plastic handles. Other products produced by Wolff Indiana, LLC. include the Apex Vise® and Atlas® fly tying vises, versa-clamp, MagSharp™ hand held knife sharpener and a portable dust collector for the Twice As Sharp® scissors sharpener. 

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