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Wolff Trax: Tool Tracking & Accountability

Quickly track and find lost tools on your production floor with Wolff Trax tracking and accountability software. It will tell you within seconds if any scissors or knives are missing once everything is checked back in at the end of each shift.

Wolff Trax keeps track of an item's life and informs you how many scissors or knives you go through in a day, week, month, and year. You’ll also know which area of the plant has the highest scrap rate.

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Wolff Trax Benefits

Reduced Downtime

Avoid time-consuming production line shutdowns by knowing exactly where each tool is located on the floor.

Save Money

Finding lost tools quicker reduces the chances of expensive downtime or product recalls.

No Monthly Subscription Fee

Once you buy the Wolff Traxx software and equipment, you own it for life. You won’t have to pay a monthly operating fee.

Wolff Trax Details

The Wolff Trax tool accountability system consists of our proprietary software and equipment. You own, maintain, and run the software on your local server. There are no additional costs after the initial software and equipment purchase.

What sets Wolff Trax apart from the competition is that our scanners use a laser instead of optics to scan tool barcodes. Lasers help prevent reflections and multiple scanning attempts that can occur with optical scanners such as iPads.

System Requirements

The only requirement is that Wolff Trax needs to run on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows Operating System. Wolff Trax is web-hosted software that’s written in SQLite. The database is stored on your servers, and they need to be networked through the entire plant so managers can see the daily scans.

Installation and Maintenance

Wolff Industries will come out to your facility and perform the installation. It usually takes a couple of hours to install, and we’ll then spend two full days on the first shift training on how to use the software and scanning equipment.

Wolff Trax is a very lightweight system and requires very little maintenance. The scanners are mobile and battery-powered, and you’ll need to charge them nightly. We offer replacement batteries and optional scanner warranty programs.

You can also buy a replacement or additional scanner guns as required. One of the many benefits of Wolff Trax is that you can start small and add more scanners as your company grows.

Training & Support

Wolff Industries offers training support that includes system utilization and coming out once a year as per our maintenance agreement to install any software updates. We will also answer any system questions regarding software navigation. If you have scanner issues, we will take care of those fixes through our scanner company.

Optional Service Package

We offer an optional annual service package fee that includes software updates facilitated through Wolff Industries. We can also customize the software to match your processes or if you wish to track something other than scissors or knives. However, we request that you perform weekly data backups as the software package is installed on your secure network.

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