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IVO® Butchercut 8.25" Black Fillet Knife

por IVO
Código 332850.21.01


Introducing our 8.25" Butchercut Black Fillet Knife, part of a premier line of meat processing knives meticulously engineered for professionals in the butchery and slaughterhouse industries. Crafted to excel in food processing, our blades are expertly designed to deliver exceptional performance. Through precise tempering and meticulous control of steel hardness, our knives ensure superior quality and reliability with every cut. Experience the difference with Butchercut.

How to Use

An 8.25" fillet knife is primarily used for filleting fish, although it can also be utilized for other delicate cutting tasks. Its size and design make it ideal for precision work, such as removing bones and skin from fish while preserving the integrity of the fillet. Additionally, it can be used for trimming and portioning other types of meat and poultry. The length of the blade provides sufficient flexibility and control, enabling users to navigate around bones and achieve clean, precise cuts. This type of knife is commonly used by processors, fishermen, chefs, and home cooks who frequently prepare seafood dishes.


X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel
Antimicrobial Dryflex polypropylene and rubber handle
Stiff straight blade
Mirror-finished blades provide smooth cutting

Recommended for

Meat processing operations