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Mundial 7 1/2" Pinking Shear

SKU 407-C


The Mundial® 7 1/2" nickel-plated pinking shear is designed for easy action to reduce strain. They have saw-tooth blades to provide a zigzag pattern cut on the fabric to help prevent "fraying". Unfinished cloth edges will fray easily so the pattern of the cut limits the length of the frayed thread and minimizes damage. These scissors can also be used for decorative cuts when a zigzag pattern is needed. The nickel electroplating provides a highly polished finish with the added benefit of corrosion and wear resistance

These shears are not recommended for use on non-woven materials or paper. For best results, use the pinking shears in a straight line. Curving the cut can increase the amount of fraying that will happen. These pinking shears can be sharpened on the Twice as Sharp® Scissors Sharpener.

Right Handed
Bent Handle
Pointed Tip
Saw-tooth blades

Did you notice?

Smooth chrome finish
These industrial scissors can be sharpened
High quality, long lasting steel

Recommended For

Light woven materials.

Used primarily in sewing and dress-making.

What's in the Box?

Mundial 7 ½” Nickel-Plated Pinking Shear
Protective Plastic Case

Technical Specifications

High Quality Carbon Steel
Nickel Electroplating
Blade Cut Length - 3”
Overall Length – 7 1/2"
Gross Weight - -.- lb
Net Weight - -.- lb


Forged in Brazil


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