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Who We Are:

Wolff Industries, Inc. first began as a family run business in 1983 and has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial and professional scissors sharpeners. Specializing in developing cutting solutions, equipping the mobile and professional sharpener, and providing proper tools for industrial applications, Wolff Industries, Inc. continues to push the scissors and sharpening industry forward.

In 2012 Wolff Industries, Inc. purchased Vogel Brothers Corporation, a family run cutlery business, with a history dating back to 1690. This lead us to the creation of Wolff Indiana, LLC. We continue this long heritage of scissors manufacturing with our Wolff® Ergonomix® industrial shears, making us the last American made manufacturer of plastic handle, stamped scissors.

What Makes Us Different:

Our quick, convenient, and responsive customer service provides solutions for unique and difficult cutting needs including tech support, on-site visits and dedicated classroom training. We provide high-quality and long-lasting tools while maintaining a world-class sharpening service.

Innovation and reliability are top priorities for our engineers as they develop new processes for sharpening blades and the utilization of scientific automaton robotics technologies to sharpen tools more consistently and effectively.

Who We Serve:

Our customers provide services in a wide range of industries including: automotive, aeronautical, textiles, food production and processing industries as well as hair stylists, pet groomers, the professional sharpener and many more. You can trust our products, support and delivery. We 100% hone and hand test every pair of scissors for optimum sharpness and success and our staff consists of seasoned sharpening technicians and reliable trained professionals.

We Are the Experts:

Our family has owned and operated Wolff Industries, Inc. for 35 years. Leading the forefront of the sharpening industry with son-in-law Ryan Miller as President of Wolff Industries, In. and son Andrew Wolff as President of Wolff Indiana, LLC, we are poised for the next generation of family to push us forward.
Wolff Industries, Inc. is committed to unparalleled customer service, technical support, and forward-thinking innovation. Our lasting commitment to you and the industry makes us your best choice for your scissors and sharpening needs.

Our Brands Include:

Twice as Sharp®
Ookami Gold®
Thomas Wilkinson & Son®