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Scissors Lubricant

SKU 20700

This scissors lubricant is designed to clean and lubricate the pivot area of the scissors. It washes away dirt and debris from under the pivot and leaves a waxy coating to enhance the ease of opening and closing the shear. Oil-based lubricants will trap dust, debris, and hair particles, so using a wax-based lubricant on scissors is essential. The alcohol in the mixture will evaporate, leaving the wax lubricant on the shear. 

The scissors lubricant is available in a few sizes and variants for California and International customers based on shipping requirements. The California Only variant (20800C) is shipped in a metal container per California shipping laws. For International customers (20700-INT & 20800-INT), the lubricant will ship in dry form, and you will need to add denatured alcohol and mix to return the wax to liquid form. Instructions are shipped with the dry wax. We have to ship this product internationally without liquid alcohol due to the flashpoint. 

We also sell the 1.25 Ounce lubricant bottle separately. This is just the empty bottle and does not contain the lubricant. 

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