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Technical Blog — Wolff Industries, Inc.

  • A production line worker using a sharpened poultry processing knife to trim the chicken.
    February 15, 2024

    How to Sharpen Poultry Processing Knives

    Maintaining a sharp inventory of poultry processing knives is crucial for operational efficiency. A dull knife slows production, increases the effort required, and can lead to worker injuries.  However, the challenge of consistently sharpening knives in-house can overwhelm even the...

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  • An orange in-stock poultry processing knife from Wolff Industries.
    February 15, 2024

    Where to Find Poultry Processing Knives in Stock

    Poultry processors know that having high-quality knives in stock is crucial for efficient operations. Dull or damaged blades can slow down production and reduce yields. Yet, ongoing supply chain issues often make finding a reliable supplier challenging. The good news...

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  • Wolff Industries produces the best boning knife for poultry in the business, which helps this worker process meat quickly and efficiently.
    January 12, 2024

    Best Boning Knives for Poultry Processing

    A good poultry processing knife is essential to ensure efficiency, safety, and productivity on the processing line. Inferior knives require frequent sharpening and wear down quickly. Plus, their brittle construction can lead to chipping over time. Wolff Industries’ poultry boning...

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  • Wolff poultry knives in use on a processing line.
    September 28, 2023

    How Much Do Professional Poultry Knives Typically Cost?

    Industrial poultry processing plants require specialized knives to efficiently portion birds on a large scale. A quality knife is essential for workers handling hundreds or thousands of birds per shift.  But with so many options marketed for commercial use, how...

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  • Wolff Industries' Twice As Sharp® scissors sharpener
    August 11, 2023

    How to Sharpen Poultry Processing Shears

    Are you getting the full benefit of your investment in quality poultry-processing scissors and professional sharpening equipment?  Correct sharpening techniques help protect your staff, cut equipment costs, and boost productivity. Our guide explains how to sharpen poultry shears so you...

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  • 9 Professional Poultry Shear Customization Options
    March 9, 2023

    9 Professional Poultry Shear Customization Options

    If you’re a high-volume, high-quality poultry processor, you rely heavily on the skill and dexterity of your processors to get the best yield from your birds.  Quality customized poultry shears from Wolff Industries can help maximize yield and efficiency by...

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