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9 Professional Poultry Shear Customization Options

9 Professional Poultry Shear Customization Options

If you’re a high-volume, high-quality poultry processor, you rely heavily on the skill and dexterity of your processors to get the best yield from your birds. 

Quality customized poultry shears from Wolff Industries can help maximize yield and efficiency by improving your team members’ comfort and endurance while helping prevent accidents and reduce repetitive strain injuries.

Read on to learn about how Wolff’s customization options for professional poultry shears set our processing blades apart in the industry.

Legendary Sharpness, Unrivaled Customization

Wolff is the only dedicated provider of specialized poultry shears to the chicken and turkey processing industry. Our shears are designed not only to be Twice As Sharp® as any other processing blade, but they’re also the only professional scissors designed from scratch to meet the demanding needs of line poultry processing by hand.

All of our poultry shears are manufactured from superior quality, American-made, hardened stainless steel to ensure they stay sharper and last longer. Many, including all of our class-leading Ergonomix® shears, feature poultry-specific design features such as:

  • Ergonomically correct bent handle designs
  • Perfect blade tension to minimize hand fatigue
  • Honed cutting edges to reduce cutting pressure

Wolff’s focus on providing the best processing scissors to the poultry processing industry also means we offer products customized to meet the specific needs of individual processors. Most larger manufacturers provide generic products and leave it up to the customer to adapt them to their specific process.

However, Wolff provides on-site assessments of our customers’ poultry cutting lines to identify job-specific shears and suggest customization options.

As part of our five-step Comprehensive Scissors Program, we also offer:

  • Sharpening products and services
  • Ongoing maintenance support and training 
  • Inventory management and control

The Right Blade for Your Application    

With the widest selection of high-quality shears on hand, Wolff can offer an unparalleled range of customized poultry shear options to meet the specific needs of your operation. Customization options for Ergonomix®, KAI®, our own Wolff® shears, and other specialty scissors include:

1. Curved Blades

Curved-blade shears allow your skilled processors to cut closer to thigh and breast bones, increasing yield per bird and minimizing waste. Our poultry shears models can be delivered with either right or left-curved blades depending on the specific requirements of your hand-processing operation.

2. Blunted Tips

Minimize “buddy pokes” on your line by ordering our professional blunted blades. Your shears will arrive razor sharp and are pre-blunted out of the box, so you can save your in-house sharpener’s time and get safe new shears out onto the floor faster.

3. Safety Tips

We also offer purpose-designed rounded safety tips on our shears to meet the most stringent safety requirements and minimize accidents. Talk to us about which options are best for your operation.

4. Ball Tips

Ball tips let your processors trim quickly and accurately while preventing damage to organs that remain in the bird’s internal cavity. Available across our range of poultry shears, you’ll also get the full safety benefits of blunted or safety tip scissors.

5. Serrated Blades

All of our shears are available with both straight or serrated-edge blades to best match your processing needs. Our knowledgeable team will be able to recommend the right blade type for your application, depending on variables such as meat type and processing temperature.

6. Metal Detectability

To allow your processing operation to meet the highest food safety standards, many of our blades are available with metal detectable handles, allowing you to trace lost blades on your line while preventing product contamination.

All Wolff shears also include a unique serial number and bar code for plant-wide traceability, fully compatible with our WolffTrax® inventory control technology.

7. Multiple Handle Sizes

Wolff provides poultry shears in up to three different handle sizes to allow every member of your team to get the most out of our soft-feel ergonomically molded handles. Most models are available with small, medium, and large handles for a variety of blade sizes.

8. Handed Shears

Our legendary soft plastic handles are also available in either right or left-handed moldings, with selected models offered with an ambidextrous handle for maximum versatility. Shears that fit right help avoid accidents, reduce wear injuries, and improve your team’s efficiency and yield.

9. True Left-Handed Shears

Selected poultry shears models are also available with both reversed blades and a left-handed handle, providing true left-handed cutting to help ensure every team member’s comfort and safety.

A Valuable Investment

While customization options add to the cost of your shears and can increase lead times on orders, the right adjustments will deliver both immediate improvements in safety and performance and long-term gains by reducing debilitating injuries and increasing efficiency.

Wolff’s on-site sales teams are available to assess your operation, meet your production teams during their shifts, and make job-specific recommendations about the ideal combination of design and customization options to maximize returns for your operation.

Wolff Industries: Customized Poultry Shears, Cutting-Edge Service

As the leading supplier of specialty cutting solutions to the poultry processing industry, Wolff Industries offers high-quality shears, specialized sharpening equipment, inventory management systems, and a unique range of customization options to make sure the processing scissors you choose work perfectly for your team and application.

We’re ready to help you develop a tailored cutting-edge system that lasts longer, costs less, and reduces long-term injuries. 

Contact us to arrange a site visit by one of our knowledgeable sales teams or click below to learn more about our unrivaled range of dedicated—and fully customizable—poultry processing shears.

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