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Why Wolff Professional Shears Are the Best Choice

Why Wolff Professional Shears Are the Best Choice

If you’re processing large amounts of chicken, turkey, or other poultry you know how important the right cutting tools are for ensuring safety, speed, and efficiency. When there’s no room to compromise, it’s time to reach for the green handles of Wolff Industries’ premium, professional poultry shears for unbeatable quality, service, and availability. Here’s why:

American-Made Quality

Wolff Industries is the only U.S. maker of industrial-grade plastic-handled stamped stainless steel shears. Our poultry shears are designed for high-volume, high-yield handling of turkey and chicken on the busiest processing floors.

The Wolff Edge

Wolff blades are struck from high-quality U.S.-made stainless roll steel at our manufacturing facility in Columbus, Indiana. Each blade is heat-treated using our proprietary process to ensure both the durability and the flexibility needed to maintain the long-lasting resharpenable edge our tools are known for.

Soft but Strong

Our blades are chemically bonded to Wolff’s “soft but strong” green plastic handles. This ensures hygiene by preventing bacteria growth between the handle and blade—which is a serious safety risk with many cheaper general-use scissors. 

Our handles are also ergonomically designed to improve comfort and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Shears are assembled with a mechanically locked pivot nut that won’t come loose and are secured at the proper blade tension for optimal cutting. Your staff will immediately recognize and appreciate the Wolff difference!

Detectable Difference

Safety comes first at Wolff. Every pair of shears is stamped with both a unique serial number and a scannable barcode to help you track every blade on your processing line. Codes and serial numbers are also fully compatible with our WolffTrax blade tracing system. We also have scissors with metal detectable handles available.

Shipped Sharp

Once assembled, our scissors are carefully sharpened by our expert craftsman to ensure every pair leaves our facility with our legendary “Twice as Sharp” edge promise. All Wolff blades are designed to cut better, last longer, and resharpen better to deliver long-term value.

Superior Service

Wolff backs up our high-quality shears with industry-leading service. As a dedicated supplier to the poultry-processing industry, we offer the specialized services your operation needs.

Fast Turnaround

We know how quickly you go through blades. Our dedicated supply chain means we can quickly put them into your hands through rapid turnarounds on all orders.

Blade Customization

We work with you to design and supply customized shears to maximize efficiency and yield in your process. This includes:

  • Curved shears blades for specialized processing: we’ll deliver blades curved to your specification and we’ll even help you learn how to safely sharpen curved shears!
  • Left-handed shears: Our left-handed tools help all of your staff members work better and safer.
  • Blunting: Reduce accidental injuries and buddy pokes on your line. We offer custom blunting of all of our shears—including customized curved blades—to help your team work with speed, comfort, and confidence.

“Twice as Sharp” On Site

Our blades ship sharp! Plus our on-site training services let you keep them that way. We’ll help your sharpeners learn how to maintain the edge on your Wolff shears using our Twice as Sharp scissor sharpeners so you can get the most out of our durable shears by keeping them sharper for longer.

We’ve Got Your Back

At Wolff, we know poultry processing therefore we offer comprehensive technical support for all of our products. We provide training materials, classroom instruction, and on-site service to ensure you’re getting the most out of the best cutting tools for the industry.

We’ll also work with you to optimize your line, including:

  •     Finding the right tools for each job
  •     Determining the optimum resharpening cycle
  •     Tracing and detection processes, including WolffTrax

There When You Need Us

Wolff’s best-in-class service is always available—and in fact, we’ll come to you! Our sales representatives are unique in the industry, providing on-site facility visits. We’re ready to learn about your process and sharpening needs. We’ll also provide sample products so your employees can experience the Wolff cutting difference.

What’s more, while other companies might be struggling to keep products on the shelf, Wolff’s all-American supply chain for products means we’ll have the industry’s best cutting tools on hand whenever you’re ready to buy!

Professional Product, Professional Service

If you’re serious about poultry processing, you’ll recognize the sharper edge Wolff Industries' professional shears bring to your process. Our purpose-made poultry shears offer:

  •    Durable, hardened stainless steel blades
  •    Ergonomic “Soft but Strong” plastic handles
  •    Legendary “Twice as Sharp” factory sharpness
  •    Unique serial numbers and barcoding for traceability
  •    Customized curved, blunted, and true left-handed blades

Our cutting tools also come with full sales and technical support, including:

  •    In-plant sales representatives visits
  •    Product samples
  •    Resharpening instruction and support    
  •    Full technical support
  •    Wolff Trax product tracing and process optimization

Click below to learn more about why Wolff professional shears are right for your poultry cutting process.

Wolff Industries Professional Shears

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