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How Scissors Are Made | American-Made Stainless Steel Scissors

How Scissors Are Made | American-Made Stainless Steel Scissors

Wolff Industries, Inc. is the only company making industrial, plastic handle, stamped shears in the United States. The company produces these scissors at their Wolff Indiana, LLC. manufacturing facility in Columbus, Indiana.

To make strong, industrial-strength, food-grade safe shears, the team at Wolff Indiana employs some unique and proprietary heat-treating processes to harden the blades while allowing the steel to remain flexible.

The handles were designed by an ergonomist to hold the hand in a natural position and to reduce stresses on the hand throughout all-day cutting.

These shears are used in food processing, industrial sewing, composites, leather-working, automotive, upholstery, and tons more!

Wolff Industries, Inc is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial and professional scissors sharpeners, specializing in providing high-quality stainless steel scissors, developing cutting solutions, and pushing the scissors and sharpening industry forward. We are your scissors and sharpening experts.

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