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Sharpening Training with Wolff Industries, Inc.

Sharpening Training with Wolff Industries, Inc.

I wanted to take a moment to highlight a couple of the ways you can receive sharpening training from Wolff Industries, Inc. Our goal is to support the sharpening industry by developing the best sharpening machines on the market, providing the highest quality scissors and accessories, and offering top of the line training. We currently offer:

  • Hands-on Classroom Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Online Video Content
  • Annual Sharpening Seminars
  • In-Person Facility Training

I am going to take a moment to highlight each of the bullet points so you can decide which option is best for you. Some of these options are geared towards the professional sharpener and some towards the industrial sharpener.

Hands-on Classroom Training

Our training center is staffed and equipped to provide training to those wishing to acquire professional scissors sharpening and reconditioning skills. We limit class attendance to insure an enjoyable and beneficial course of personalized, individual instruction. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to sharpen for profit, to hone your sharpening skills and to have your sharpening questions answered. Lunch is included! Topics can include: types and styles of scissors, safety, how to sharpen on your choice of equipment, maintenance, repair, and more. The Hands-on Classroom Training is the most comprehensive and in-depth of the training options available as you will work one-on-one with our trainer. Reserve your spot here!

Virtual Training

We offer a version of our Classroom Training virtually using conference services like Go-To Meeting or Zoom. This option gets most all of the benefit of the Classroom Training but done remotely. This option is a great solution to take advantage of during Covid-9 lockdowns or for our international customers. The covered topics are the same as the Classroom Training but there are a few prerequisites for the Virtual Training to work. You must have a camera, microphone, and a good internet connection. Our trainer needs to be able to see what you are doing along with being able to talk to you. Don’t let the pandemic or distance prevent you from getting the training you need! Take advantage of our multi-cam livestreaming setup and schedule your Virtual Training today! Shoot us an email to get scheduled.

Online Video Content

We created a lot of video content for our YouTube Channel over 2020 and plan to continue through this year. This training content is free and available for anyone. We have training videos, livestreams, quick tips, and more. Check out our channel here!

Annual Sharpening Seminars

We host annual and sometime biannual sharpening seminars with some of the best trainers in the industry! We co-host these seminars with The Edge Pro, who is the industry leader in clipper blade sharpening. Sessions generally cover shear sharpening on the Hira-to®, Ookami Gold®, and Twice as Sharp®, along with sessions on repair work, clipper blade sharpening, sales and marketing, and more! We are consistently told these seminars offer some of the best education you can find in the sharpening industry and we want to thank you for your continued trust throughout the years. Find out more information here!

In-Person Facility Training

Our outside sales staff will come to your facility and provide sharpening training, recommendations on best scissors for the material you are cutting, sharpening verification, and more. The Wolff Comprehensive Scissors Program can be implemented across various industries and sharpening programs. Contact us if you are interested in increasing productivity and yield in your facility. If you are using our sharpening equipment and scissors then this training and support is absolutely free!

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