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What Kind of Maintenance Should I Do on My Twice as Sharp® Scissors Sharpener?

What Kind of Maintenance Should I Do on My Twice as Sharp® Scissors Sharpener?

The question of maintenance comes up from time to time concerning the Wolff Industries, Inc. Twice as Sharp® scissor sharpener. Here are a few things you need to know:

Routine Maintenance:

Never oil any part of your scissor sharpening machine. The motor bearings are sealed barrel bearings. The arm bearings are self-lubricating and need no lubrication. Just be sure to brush or blow off grit as necessary.

The Sharpening Clamp:

If the scissors clamp movement becomes stiff or difficult, loosen the angle knob and clean any grit out.

The Eye Shields and Finger Guards:

As the wheels wear, adjust the two finger and two tongue guards to maintain the maximum 1/8 inch between the wheels and the guards. After changing wheels, dressing wheels or adjusting the finger and tongue guards, make sure the eye shields are in place and securely fastened.

Changing the Wheels:

Remove the three screws holding the end bell cover on with a #2 Phillips screwdriver, then remove your end bell covers. Loosen the nut holding the wheel with a ¾” wrench. Hold the wheel between your fingers when loosening or tightening, never put side pressure against the wheel. (The left wheel has a left hand nut and loosens clockwise.) Remove the wheel and replace with a factory wheel. When replacing the sharpening wheel, be sure the paper blotters are on each side of wheel. Never use a sharpening wheel without the blotters. After you replace either the sharpening wheel or the professional honing wheel, tighten nut firmly and turn by hand. If the wheel you replaced has too much side movement, loosen, rotate, and retighten until you get the least amount of side movement. Once you’ve replaced your wheel, any wobble has been removed, and the nut has been tightened, replace your cover and screws. (Never run sharpener without your end bell covers on). A new wheel must be allowed to run for at least one minute before using. Do not stand in front of sharpener during the first minute. Never use cracked or chipped wheels.

The Checklist:

We have compiled a convenient maintenance checklist for the Wolff Industries, Inc. Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpener. You can download the .pdf file and can print and use as desired. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call at 800-888-3832 or shoot us an email at
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