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Wolff Industries produces the best boning knife for poultry in the business, which helps this worker process meat quickly and efficiently.

Best Boning Knives for Poultry Processing

A good poultry processing knife is essential to ensure efficiency, safety, and productivity on the processing line. Inferior knives require frequent sharpening and wear down quickly. Plus, their brittle construction can lead to chipping over time.

Wolff Industries’ poultry boning knives offer an ideal solution to these problems. The high-quality steel, ergonomic design, and durable construction ensure the knives retain their edge and withstand the rigors of high-volume processing.

Read on to discover the best boning knife for your processing line.

Why Are Boning Knives Great for Poultry Processing?

Boning knives are ideal for processing poultry due to their unique design and features. Here's a breakdown of why they are perfect for the job:

Ergonomic handle: A good boning knife has a handle that is comfortable to hold and contours to the natural shape of your hand. This reduces the amount of pressure needed to grip the knife securely, making it easier to use for extended periods.

Balanced design: A well-balanced boning knife will have a lightweight yet balanced design between the blade and handle. This allows fluid and easy movement through the meat without excessive force. The level of control and maneuverability helps prevent over gripping and excessive force, making the process more efficient and comfortable.

Secure grip: The handle of an optimal boning knife will have a slight hook shape, which helps to cup the user's hand securely. This prevents slipping and ensures added safety during repeated cutting motions.

Durable construction: IVO knives are a top choice for poultry processing because of their durable construction and precisely honed blades. These knives maintain sharpness over time, resulting in smooth and effortless cuts.

IVO Pro Grip (formerly Ergocut)

These poultry processing knives have an ergonomic design for a comfortable hand fit, reducing cutting pressure and lessening the risk of hand and muscle injuries during meat processing. 

Here are our top boning knife choices for poultry processing:

IVO Ergocut 8" Black Curved Butcher Knife With Safety Tip

An IVO Ergocut 8" Black Curved Butcher Knife With Safety TipThe IVO Ergocut 8" Black Curved Butcher Knife features X50CrMoV15 stainless steel for sharpness and durability. The ergonomic handle and safety tip are designed for safe, efficient use. A unique Dryflex handle ensures comfortable, long-term operation.

IVO Ergocut 6" Black Curved Boning Knife With Safety Tip

An  IVO Ergocut 6" Black Curved Boning Knife With Safety TipThe IVO Ergocut 6" Black Curved Boning Knife has high-grade X50CrMoV15 stainless steel and an ergonomic handle for comfort. A safety tip reduces accidental stabs. This knife also features a Dryflex handle to enhance operator grip and reduce hand strain over extended use.

IVO Ergocut 4" Orange Boning Knife

An IVO Ergocut 4" Orange Boning KnifeThe IVO Ergocut 4" Orange Boning Knife is perfect for more detailed work. Its distinctive bright orange handle stands out for easy identification and brings an added safety factor. It boasts X50CrMoV15 stainless steel for lasting sharpness. The Dryflex ergonomic handle design offers comfort and precision.  


The IVO® DuoPrime line of knives features a double-injected handle and high-grade stainless steel blade for enduring slicing performance. Its seamless connection between the handle and blade prevents bacteria buildup. The knife grip features a Dryflex TPU rubberized texture and has antimicrobial properties.

IVO DuoPrime 6" Black Semi-Flex Curved Boning Knife

The IVO DuoPrime 6" Black Semi-Flex Curved Boning KnifeThe IVO DuoPrime 6" Black Semi-Flex Curved Boning Knife features a high-grade stainless steel blade and a double-injected handle. Its design ensures superior slicing and hygiene. The Dryflex TPU rubberized grip offers secure handling with antimicrobial properties.

IVO DuoPrime 4" Black Boning Knife

The IVO 4” DUO PRIME boning knifeThe IVO DuoPrime 4" Black Boning Knife has a stainless steel blade for precise cuts. The Dryflex handle is antimicrobial and provides a steady grip, making it ideal for detailed meat processing.

IVO DuoPrime 5" Black Semi-Flex Curved Boning Knife

An IVO DuoPrime 5" Black Semi-Flex Curved Boning KnifeThe IVO DuoPrime 5" Black Semi-Flex Curved Boning Knife features a durable stainless steel blade and a comfortable, double-injected handle. Its curved, semi-flex design ensures efficient cutting. The antimicrobial Dryflex grip offers a steady, hygienic hold which is ideal for continuous meat processing.

IVO Butchercut

Note: IVO Butchercut knives are coming soon. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting new additions to the Wolff lineup.

What Sets Wolff Industries Apart

At Wolff Industries, our high-quality poultry knives deliver precision and efficiency. We ensure that each knife meets high performance and durability standards for the best poultry processing experience.

Quality—Our knives have highly polished blades (almost mirrored) compared to other blades with a rougher finish. This helps the blade cut more easily.

Availability—Wolff Industries stands out with its commitment to quality and availability. Unlike other brands, you won’t face supply shortages or delays with us. We ensure that you always have the right tool at the right time.

TraceabilityWe add laser-etched barcodes to each knife to allow for quick, automated check-in and check-out, helping you easily track your knives.

Support and Services—Wolff doesn’t just sell knives—we provide a complete support system. This includes guidance on how to sharpen your knives properly, ensuring they last longer and perform better. Our focus is on ensuring quality cuts and enhancing the efficiency of your operations.

Safety"Buddy pokes" from pointed knife tips are an unfortunate but common issue. Wolff poultry knives come with integrated blunted tips straight from the factory. This innovative safety feature eliminates the need to blunt the knives manually yourself. Our blades are ready for your team to handle safely right out of the box.

PriceWolff offers economically competitive pricing while still providing high-quality knives. We also offer bulk and poultry processor discounts. 

Wolff Trax and Additional Services—We're constantly innovating to bring you more value. For example, the Wolff Trax tool tracking system reduces downtime, saves money, and does not require a subscription fee.

Which Boning Knife Is Right for You?

Wolff Industries understands the unique needs of poultry processors. This is why we offer a range of high-quality boning knives, consistent supply, and unparalleled support. 

With our range of high-quality knives, consistent supply, and unmatched support, we are committed to enhancing your processing experience. Click below to see our line of professional-grade boning knives.

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