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IVO® ErgoDuo 6.25" White Skinning Knife

by IVO
SKU 83020.16.02


Introducing our IVO 6.25" ErgoDuo White Skinning Knife, the culmination of cutting-edge sharpness innovation paired with ergonomically designed, inject-molded handles. Experience the perfect blend of sharpness, comfort, safety, and hygiene in every slice.

How to Use

Our IVO 6.25" ErgoDuo white skinning knife is typically used for removing the skin from various types of meat, such as poultry, fish, and game. Its compact size and sharp blade make it ideal for precise and controlled cutting motions, allowing users to efficiently separate the skin from the meat while minimizing waste. Additionally, the white color of the handle is often chosen for hygiene reasons, as it makes it easier to detect any dirt or residue on the knife. This type of knife is commonly found in processing facilites, professional kitchens, butcher shops, and meat processing facilities where skinning tasks are frequently performed.


X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel
Antimicrobial Dryflex polypropylene and rubber handle
Stiff Straight blade
Mirror-finished blades provide smooth cutting

Recommended for

Meat processing operations