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Knives that give you a competitive edge.

We offer top quality, razor sharp knives. In stock and ready to ship. 

Why Wolff has the edge over the competition

Our knives are a cut above the rest

You have work to do, and we have the tools to help get it done. We strive for quick turnaround on products, so your facility stays on track and productive! 

Quality that keeps its edge longer

Our near-mirror finish blades slice effortlessly. And they're made of top-quality steel that holds its edge, resists breaking, and won't chip.

In-field reps ready to  help and advise

You know poultry. We know knives. Our experts will consult with your team on which knives to choose and advise on sharpening.

Wolff knives are durable, hold an edge, and cut like a dream. Anything less will slow you down and cost you time and money.

Wolff Industries, Inc. is famous for shears. We want to be your source for best quality knives, too.

When you run a high-volume poultry production line, you need professional tools. Wolff Industries, Inc. knives will stay sharp and reliable day in and day out. We bring you the cutting-edge technology you deserve.

  • Quick turnaround on knife orders 
  • Near-mirror smooth blades for efficient cuts
  • Our knives hold an edge longer than other brands
  • Precision steel won't chip like the competition
  • Strong yet flexible blades won't snap
  • Our experts will come to your facility to advise and evaluate your operation
  • Bulk discounts and competitive pricing
  • Now, your knives and shears can from one source

Talk to the experts at Wolff Industries, Inc. Our knives, like our shears, enjoy a best-in-class reputation in the industry. And so does our highly trained staff. We know the poultry business.

Reps are available to help equip your facility today!

Wolff can help!

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How can we help?

Need help finding something? Need a custom cutting solution? Need your scissors sharpened?

Just fill out the contact form and let us know how we can help. Old fashioned phone calls work too ;) 


8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST.


(800) 888-3832


107 Interstate Park,
Spartanburg, SC 29303


Wolff knives in action - processing poultry

For superior efficiency and quality work, you need poultry knives that will stay sharp and go every day, all day. We can tailor copy to match the video, of course.

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Three simple steps to get Wolff in your facility


Complete the form below

That gets the ball rolling! We will assign your inquiry to one of our industry-leading reps, who will contact you quickly.


Consult with your rep

Our reps are not here simply to sell you a product. They are experts in processing plant and staff operations who will advise you on the right products and methods to make your lines more profitable and efficient.


Watch your efficiency improve

Once you start using Wolff products you will see improvements in your operations. We can even come to your facility for training sessions. 

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Easily separate meat from bone

Our knives are sharp--and stay that way! The near-mirror finish helps the blade glide through poultry efficiently and cleanly. 

Engineered to last longer than others

Wolff does not compromise on quality. Our knives are made with exceptional precision from the best materials to ensure a long service life.

Tool tracking prevents materials contamination

Preventing foreign materials contamination is critically important. Like our shears, Wolff knives can be tracked with our technology, so you know exactly where your tools are.

Quality European Steel

Wolff Industries, Inc. partnered with IVO to bring our American customers the highest European quality knives.

Reduce Injuries

Need blunted tips to prevent buddy poking? We have precisely what you are looking for with safer knives that are still razor-sharp where they need to be

We'll work with your team

You are not alone in this! Our expert staff is always available to evaluate, consult with and advise your team.

How to get started with Wolff knives

Complete the form on this page

The contact form goes directly to our solutions team, who respond quickly. Or you can call 800-888-3832 and speak with us now!

Discuss your needs with one of our expert reps

Our team is sharp. We know the business inside and out, so you can count on professional advice and industry-leading service.

Start using the best knives on your lines

Your order will be shipped quickly. Our team is available to visit your facility to train your staff on sharpening and implementation of our products. 

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The Wolff difference is quality and experience

For the past 40 years, the folks at Wolff Industries, Inc. have carved out an industry-wide reputation for providing the best designed, toughest, sharpest poultry processing tools on the market. We are already the top name in poultry scissors. Now we are going to cut to the front of the line with our knife selection. If you ate chicken this week, there's a good chance you've experienced our work!

Ready to improve your poultry operations?

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