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A worker checks out a pair of scissors using a scanner that is part of an asset tracking and management system for poultry processing.

Better Asset Tracking and Management in Poultry Processing

Efficient asset tracking and management are essential to getting the most out of your investment in quality poultry processing equipment. We take a look at how choosing dedicated tool tracking and accountability systems helps improve plant safety and ensure good returns on your investment in premium knife and shear technology.

Stay Sharp: Tracking and Managing Poultry Processing Assets

Investing in the highest-quality cutting equipment for your poultry processing team improves productivity and reduces tool burn. That means better quality and real cost savings over time, but only if you can keep blades where they belong: in safe, skilled hands on the line.

Keeping track of valuable assets is essential in busy, high-speed processing facilities to ensure safety and prevent contamination. Reducing tool loss is also crucial if you are going to unlock the real long-term value of choosing to use precision-made poultry knives and shears and sharpening equipment.

Cutting corners by using dull inferior shears and knives can cost you more in the long run. If you’re serious about improving yield per bird, preventing long-term RMI injuries, and getting more sharpening cycles out of every blade you own, then a commitment to industrial-strength asset tracking and management systems and services is a must. 

Here’s why choosing Wolff Industries as your cutting-edge asset management partner makes sense for your customers, your staff, and your bottom line.

Why Wolff?

With Wolff poultry processing equipment, safety, and performance go hand in hand. By reducing fatigue and preventing injuries, our knives and blades help keep skilled, dedicated workers on the job. That improves yield and reduces waste, which translates into more on-time deliveries of quality product to your customers.

Wolff’s industry-leading customized curved blades, blunted tips, soft-grip handles, and true-handed scissors are all part of that vision, but our commitment to safety and accountability goes beyond that. Wolff Industries now also provides whole-plant technical solutions to increase blade life, limit contamination losses, and minimize equipment losses.


While all Wolff Industries’ poultry processing blades are traceable using standard industry metal detecting equipment, our Ergo-Trace® shears add another level of confidence with metal-detectable plastic handle material. Ergo-Trace® shears make it easier to find and contain foreign material, ensuring safety and customer trust and reducing lost-time stoppages.

Serialized Blades

All Wolff Industries poultry shears and most of our knives are marked with a unique laser-etched serial number. This essential safety feature is designed to allow you to:

  • Track the number of blades on the floor
  • Spot missing tools
  • Record tool check-in and check-out
  • Ensure accountability and reduce loss
  • Monitor tool life, sharpness, and shrinkage
  • Manage your resharpening cycle


Laser-etched barcodes paired with the serial number on every tool make it easier to automate check-out and check-in procedures. You’ll be able to identify quickly if a cutting tool is assigned to the correct staff member and ensure that each blade in your inventory is being used in the right part of your facility. 

Wolff also supplies laser scanner units designed to read barcodes etched into stainless steel, to make checking scissors and shears in and out of your sharpening room quick and simple.

Wolff Trax®

Along with specialty scanners designed for use with our cutting tools, Wolff now also offers dedicated blade and knife tracking through our purpose-built Wolff Trax® tool accountability software.

Wolff Trax® allows you to:

  • Track shears and blades going out and returning from the shop floor
  • Verify that blades stay on the floor during the shift
  • Monitor individual blade life and plant scrap rates
  • Identify areas with high loss/scrap rates

Every Wolff Trax® system is fully customizable to your plant’s needs and growth plan. With potentially hundreds of blades in use on a busy shop floor, Wolff Trax® offers a fully integrated asset management solution to help you get the most out of your investment in Wolff’s precision-made, long-lasting blades.

Sharpening Services

Wolff Industries started out offering the best sharpening equipment on the market. Today, the ability to resharpen Wolff scissors and blades on-site to factory levels allows our tools to deliver unmatched performance, durability, and performance—week after week.

Along with cutting and sharpening equipment, Wolff offers end-to-end sharpening training and consultation services. Our on-site teams are ready to help you set up a sharpening cycle to continuously track, sharpen, and test blades throughout their useful life.

Wolff Industries: Your End-to-End Poultry Processing Partner

Trust Wolff to help you make the most of your investment in cutting equipment designed and made for the poultry processing industry. 

From the sharpest professional poultry scissors and blades on the market to dedicated, fully customizable tool tracking and asset management systems, Wolff is here to help you deliver more by taking care of your people, your product, and your equipment.

Contact us today about our in-plant sales team visits, sharpening services, and asset management systems, or click below to learn more about the industry-leading Twice-As-Sharp® professional-grade scissors and knives that make it all possible.

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