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Genuine Anago Test Media

Genuine Anago Test Media

Are you using Genuine Anago Test Media?

It has come to our attention that fake test media is in the marketplace being sold as ‘Anago Test Media’.  It is not manufactured to Anago guidelines, nor has authorization been provided by Anago to produce this replica of the genuine Anago Test Media.  Anago takes no responsibility for the variation in Anago Score results when using this fake product.

The Results – genuine Anago Test Media vs fake test media.

Our team of experts have completed a series of vigorous tests to compare the performance of our genuine Anago Test Media compared to the fake test media circulating in the market place.  

The outcome of these tests has shown that the fake test media provides an erroneous Anago Score and overstates the sharpness of a knife, producing a false high score. This scoring error is not consistent and deviates according to actual knife sharpness.

In practice, what are the implications on the Anago Score when using fake test media?

  1. Customers will believe blades are at an acceptable sharpness level, when they actually need improvement.
  2. Duller blades will result in reduced productivity.
  3. Safety performance may be reduced while risk of injury increases.
  4. Customers may overlook vital opportunities to improve their sharpening systems and processes.

In summary, the fake test media is hiding dull knifes and prevents customers from improving their systems, resulting in reduced productivity and safety performance.

How do I spot the difference between the fake and the genuine?

  1. Check out the tightness of the white material – genuine Anago Test Media is wound tightly and is very rigid and secure when handled.
  2. The packaging – is it a different box to the photo above?
  3. The label - each roll is labelled with our genuine sticker as shown in above photo.  

What to do if I find I have been supplied it?

  1. If you have inadvertently been ordering what is called ‘Anago Test Media’ we can swap out for no cost to genuine Anago Test Media. It is important to get the most accurate and repeatable scores.  Please send an email to and we will happily provide you with the genuine Anago Test Media free of charge.    
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