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The 7.5" Wolff® Utility Shear

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The 7-1/2" Wolff® Utility Shear was originally designed for cutting the toughest materials. This shear pattern has stood the test of time and is used to cut aramids, aerospace materials, hard to cut advanced textiles, leather, vinyl, cord, rope, and upholstery. Niche industries utilize the shear for cutting fresh or dried stems, burlap, and applications in meat processing. The rugged design provides an extra tough shear for a wide variety of light and heavy duty materials.

The 7-1/2" Wolff® Utility Shear is one the most versatile shears featuring a wide bill and long handle shanks to provide extra high leverage perfect for the factory floor, out in the field, the workshop or household. It serves as a workhorse for many industries focused on quality and performance. The sharp polished edge matched with a serrated edge make this a choice shear for quick, clean and precise cuts. Stainless steel blades provide a durable surface that won't stain, chip, rust easily, or contaminate the products you cut.


Right Handed
Ergonomic Design
Serrated Thumb Blade for Greater Control
Stainless Steel Material Construction

Did you notice?

The wide bill and long shanks designed for high leverage
These industrial scissors can be sharpened
The large thumb ring

Recommended For

Light and heavy duty materials.

What's in the Box?

7.5" Wolff® Utility Shear

Technical Specifications

Hot Drop Forged
Stainless Steel Blades
Stainless Steel Pivot Screw
Stainless Steel Locknut with Nylon Insert
Blade Cut Length - 1-7/8”
Overall Length - 7-1/2"
Gross Weight - 0.49 lb
Net Weight - 0.44 lb

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Manufactured and assembled with pride in the USA under the guidance and expertise of more than 325 years of cutlery manufacturing.


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