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Handheld Chequering File | Medium #2 with 50 Lines Per Inch

SKU 22110


Our handheld medium #2 checkering file is used to cut course corrugations into fabric and industrial shears. Use this file to serrate the edge of the scissors for easier cutting of woven and hard-to-cut fabrics.

This file has a Swiss cut #2; graded by the number of teeth, counting teeth parallel to the long axis of the file. The medium #2 checkering file cuts 50 LPI (lines per inch).

This #2 checkering file cuts a courser serration than our diamond files. The cross-cut teeth form a diamond-like pattern and prevent the file from sliding in a lateral motion and will only cut corrugations in a perpendicular direction with the scissors cutting edge.

Hand files, also called 'full-size' files, feature a larger cutting surface that is longer and wider than other file types and are ideal for fast, efficient removal of material from the scissors cutting edge.

These files are made of tough chrome/tool steel alloy and precisely machined to yield sharp corners and fine points. These files have deep-cut teeth that provide efficient, uniform stock removal; they are 66–67 HRC hardness for exceptional service with minimal care.


The edges are smooth to prevent marring or metal removal from surfaces adjacent to the work area
Tampered tang can be secured into a handle for more control
Cuts long, parallel lines, called corrugations, into the scissors cutting edge

Did you notice?

Made of a tough chrome/tool steel alloy
Ideal for cutting serrations into bevel edges

Recommended For

Fabric shears
Industrial shears
Hard-to-cut woven composites 

What's in the Box?

#2 Checkering File

Technical Specifications

Shape - Checkering
Type - Hand
Length - 6" (150mm)
Width – 45/64” (18.0 mm)
Thickness – 5/32” (4.0 mm)
LPI – 50 (20 cm)
Brand – Grobet USA®
Swiss cut no. - #2




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