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TEKTON Jacketed Fiberglass Brass Hammer

SKU 23100


The Tekton Brass Hammer is 24 ounces with a double-faced head made of solid brass and jacketed fiberglass handle with rubber grip. This brass hammer delivers a sure strike to steel without sparking or damaging the part. Unlike a hardened hammer, the soft, malleable head won’t chip, and it puts more energy into the workpiece by controlling rebound. Virtually unbreakable, the high-strength, lightweight fiberglass handle core is wrapped with a tough, impact-absorbing poly jacket that prevents damage by missed strikes. Since this hammer will not damage shears, it is used for set adjusting and sizing handles on steel shears.


Soft, malleable head
Strong, lightweight handle
Anti-slip rubber grip

Did you notice?

Fiberglass handle is protected by impact-resistant poly jacket
Soft and comfortable rubber grip provides sure, nonslip control
Permanent head-to-handle epoxy bond will not loosen over time

Recommended For

Set adjusting
Handle bending
All scissors types

What's in the Box?

24 oz Brass Tekton Hammer

Technical Specifications

Depth – 14.25”
Height – 3.35”
Width – 1.35”
Handle length – 13”
Weight of head – 24 oz




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