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Ookami® 6" Easy Grip Beauty Shears

SKU 204-6


Transform your cutting experience with our premium Ookami® 6" Easy Grip salon shear crafted from high-grade, high-polished stainless steel. Engineered with hollow ground convex blades, this shear promises the smoothest, quietest, and sharpest cuts available in the industry.

Designed for professional stylists, our shears boast an ergonomic design aimed at reducing stress and combating tired hands, ensuring comfort during extended use. Each shear is meticulously tested to guarantee optimum performance, providing precision and reliability with every cut.

This shear is a versatile workhorse specializing in point cutting, slide cutting, layering and texturizing, detail work, and blending while being suitable for multiple hair types. The sharp blades ensure clean cuts without damaging the hair shaft.

Our shears feature fully adjustable pivots, allowing for personalized tension settings tailored to your cutting style. Plus, with replaceable parts readily available from your distributor, maintaining and extending the lifespan of your shear is effortless.

Elevate your hairstyling prowess with this indispensable tool. Invest in quality, invest in performance—choose our salon shear for unmatched cutting precision and durability.


  1. High-Grade Stainless Steel

  2. Hollow Ground Convex Blades

  3. Ergonomic Design

  4. Smooth, Quiet Operation

  5. Adjustable Pivots with Replaceable Parts

These features combine to make our salon shear a must-have tool for professional hairstylists seeking unparalleled performance and comfort.


Overall Length: 6"
Cut Length:
Steel: High-Grade Stainless Steel
Finish: Mirror
Blades: Convex
Handles: Crane
Origin: Taiwan