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Ookami Gold® Honing Block Kit

SKU 20651


The Ookami Gold® honing block kit can be used by sharpeners of a variety of skill levels. The rubber construction of the block more closely conforms to the shape of the inside of the blade compared to traditional whetstones.

The Ookami Gold® honing block kit is designed to work the inside line of convex and semi-convex shears. The honing blocks may be used wet or dry.


Ideal for Professional Scissors Sharpeners of all Skill Levels
A Great Alternative to Whetstones
Wet or Dry Use

Did you notice?

Easy to use
Easy to clean

Recommended For

Professional scissors sharpeners
Novice or advanced scissors sharpeners
High end beauty scissors
Japanese beauty scissors
Convex and Semi-Convex scissors
High or low volume scissors sharpening

What's in the Box?

Ookami Gold® Deburr Cloth - 3 pieces
Ookami Gold® Finish Cloth - 3 pieces
Ookami Gold® Honing Blocks - 2 pieces

Care Instructions

Do not leave in water. Doing so may damage the honing block kit. To use the honing blocks, just splash water on it as needed or use dry.
To clean, use a mild soap or detergent with water; or use rubbing alcohol.
Do not put in the dishwasher. This may damage the product.

Technical Specifications

Shipping Weight - 3 lbs
Shipping - Boxed
Package Dimensions - 10 x 7 x 3
Deburr Cloth - 4000 Grit / 600 MX / 5 micron
Finish Cloth - 8000 Grit / 1200 MX / 3 micron
Specifications subject to change without notice


Manufactured and Assembled with pride in the U.S.A.


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