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Tru Hone® 220 Grit Wheel Set

SKU 51000

This is a set of 220-grit replacement wheels manufactured by Wolff Industries, Inc. to fit the Tru Hone® knife sharpening system. This set of wheels boast a smoother finish on the knife blade than the 100-grit OEM wheels.
We will dress your out-of-round Tru Hone® Wheels! Send your bumpy, out-of-round Tru Hone® wheels to Wolff Industries, Inc. and we will make them round again! Our service will bring back the smooth, even cutting you had when the wheels were new. Click the "Contact Us" tab and mention 'SKU: WHL DRESS' and someone from our customer service team will be in touch. NOTE: This is for 100-grit and 220-grit wheels only and wheels measuring 2 1/4" or less are too small.