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Twice as Sharp® Training Video including Bonus Tips


This is the full-length training video for the Twice as Sharp® Scissors Sharpener and is applicable for the following models:

Standard Twice as Sharp®: STD-TAS
Industrial Twice as Sharp®: IND-TAS
Professional Twice as Sharp®: PRO-TAS

This video is included for free when you purchase a Twice as Sharp®. Just insert the code that was included with your machine on the checkout page to get the video for free. If you have previously purchased a Twice as Sharp® system, send us an email with your serial number and we will provide a download code for free.

Also included is an extra video of Bonus Tips.

The video is presented in full UHD 4K resolution and the file size of the download is 2.71 GB.


Main Video
00:00 Introduction
01:42 Setting up the Machine
03:53 General Information
05:39 Safety
07:42 Inspecting Your Shears
08:44 Clamping and Setting Angles
11:32 How to Sharpen Scissors
12:45 How to Deburr Properly
13:39 Honing the Blades
15:16 Review
16:42 Testing Sharpness
17:58 Repair, Set, & Tension
22:02 Lefties, Pinkers, Curved, & more
28:08 Machine Maintenance
32:59 Conclusion

Bonus Tips
00:00 Rivet Tensioning
01:20 Knife Edge Shears
02:37 Bevel-Edge Thinners